Pathway Analysis: ANOVA vs. Enrichment Analysis

Comparing gene expression levels across samples

Partek and Agilent Partner to Deliver Alissa Customers End-to-End Bioinformatics Workflow

Robust, flexible, and customizable workflow to meet Agilent customer demands.

Using Trajectory Analysis to Study Cellular Differentiation in Single Cell RNA-Seq Experiments

What the ancient Greek Moirai have to do with single cell RNA-Seq trajectory analysis?

Studying Immunotherapy with Multimodal Omics: Simultaneous Measurement of Gene and Protein Expression

We discuss the advantages of simultaneous gene and protein expression measurement.

1CellBio and Partek Deliver Easy-to-use Single Cell Analysis Solution

Dolomite Bio and Partek Collaborate on Single Cell Analysis Pipeline for Nadia Instrument

Deployment of Partek® Flow® on Amazon Web Services by Quadrant Biosciences

Quadrant Biosciences discuss analyzing genomics data with Partek Flow on AWS.

How One Researcher Identified a Novel Cancer Prognostic Marker Using 6,260 Small Non-coding RNA Samples

Custom smRNA-Seq pipeline in Partek Flow to deduce expression of ~32,000 human piRNAs per sample.

Partek Scientists Answered Over 15,000 Questions on NGS and Microarray Data Analysis From 120 Countries in 2015

In 2015 Partek scientists answered over 12,000 questions from researchers around the world and trained an additional 3,000 plus researchers.