Pathway Analysis: ANOVA vs. Enrichment Analysis

Comparing gene expression levels across samples

Partek and Agilent Deliver Alissa Customers End-to-End Bioinformatics Workflow

Robust, flexible, and customizable workflow to meet Agilent customer demands.

Cellular Differentiation Using Trajectory Analysis & Single Cell RNA-Seq Data

What the ancient Greek Moirai have to do with single cell RNA-Seq trajectory analysis?

Immunotherapy with Multimodal Omics: Simultaneous Measurement of Gene & Protein Expression

We discuss the advantages of simultaneous gene and protein expression measurement.

Partek™ Flow™ Deployment on Amazon Web Services by Quadrant Biosciences

Quadrant Biosciences discuss analyzing genomics data with Partek Flow on AWS.

How One Researcher Identified a Novel Cancer Prognostic Marker Using 6,260 Small Non-coding RNA Samples

Custom smRNA-Seq pipeline in Partek Flow to deduce expression of ~32,000 human piRNAs per sample.