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Partek and Agilent Deliver Alissa Customers End-to-End Bioinformatics Workflow

Delivering flexible and customizable secondary analysis and disease diagnoses for the clinical setting

Partek Incorporated announced today they have entered into an agreement with Agilent to integrate Partek™ Flow™ bioinformatics software with the Agilent Alissa Clinical Informatics Platform. This integration delivers a complete end-to-end analysis workflow that is robust, flexible, and customizable to meet Agilent customer demands. Partek has also made available the Agilent pipeline for RNA-Seq inside Partek Flow. In addition, the agreement allows Agilent to resell Partek Flow software through the Alissa Portal for a single point solution.

When asked how the integration works, DJ Meyer, COO, explained that Partek Flow automatically processes and analyzes data in the background, then passes results to the Agilent Alissa Interpret platform where it is combined into a single user-friendly report. This integration delivers a simple, but robust solution for clinical decision support and identifying genetic signatures of disease in the clinical setting. Meyer went on to say, “By integrating Partek Flow with Agilent clinical and research applications, customers can now enjoy rich and powerful secondary analysis and visualization tools for both DNA and RNA applications.”

“As next-generation sequencing is more broadly adopted for clinical applications, our customers’ software requirements are also expanding. By integrating Partek Flow with the Agilent Alissa Clinical Informatics Platform we will strengthen our overall offering to address diverse applications and workflows across the translational research to clinical testing continuum,” stated Kevin Meldrum, vice president and general manager for the Agilent Genomics Division.”

For more information about Partek bioinformatics software products, visit the Partek website. Visit the Agilent Alissa Interpret portal for more information about this platform.

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Kathi GoschePartek and Agilent Deliver Alissa Customers End-to-End Bioinformatics Workflow