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Partek software enables researchers of all skill levels to perform powerful statistical analysis of genomic data. It offers all the same powerful statistical tools and advanced functionality that researchers rely on without the hassle of a command line interface.

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Partek® Flow®

A complete analysis solution for next generation sequencing (NGS) applications. It has flexible installation options and tools to accommodate everyone from single labs to large enterprise organizations. Learn more

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Partek® Genomics Suite®

A desktop solution for the complete analysis of microarray and qPCR applications and secondary analysis of NGS applications. Learn more

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Partek® Pathway™

Invoke Partek Pathway through Partek Flow or Partek Genomics Suite to interactively browse the KEGG database and apply advanced statistical models to unravel the biology in your data. Learn more

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Partek® Discovery Services

When you are short on time or you need to augment your skills, let our experts analyze your data for you. We’ll turn your analysis around in days, not weeks. Learn more

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