Our Mission

To empower scientists to make scientific breakthroughs in human genetics, disease relationships, drug discoveries, diagnoses, and disease treatments.

How We Do It

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Bioinformatic Software

We make easy-to-use bioinformatic software. Whether you are a biologist who wants to work in a point-and-click interface, a bioinformatician who wants to integrate custom scripts, or an IT manager who wants to provide both, we have a solution.

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Bioinformatic Services

Too busy to analyze your own data? That’s ok, we will analyze your data for you and return a detailed analysis report. Our bioinformatics team has a diverse analytical skill set and will turn your analysis around fast and accurately. You will see results in just days.

Field Application Specialist

Customer Consultation

Our scientists have advanced biological degrees and spent years doing scientific research. Some were even Partek customers before working for us. So we understand the challenges of researchers. From experimental design to analysis, we’re here to help.

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Our Culture

Partek is a multicultural team. We consist of bright and skilled professionals from all over the world. While we have different backgrounds, we share a passion for science and care about each other and our customers.

It’s common to find people at lunch or stopped in the hall discussing a new algorithm, genomic paper, or idea that can make our products better. It’s just as common to find members from several departments gathered around a computer screen in an impromptu meeting to solve a customer problem. You will also find us asking about each others kids, the vacation someone had, or planning a happy hour after work. Why? Because we care.

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Our Partners

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Partek Incorporated
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Phone: +1-314-878-2329

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Partek SG Pte. Ltd.
31 Rochester Dr., Level 24, Singapore 138637
Phone: +65-6808-8706

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