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Partek™ Pathway™ allows you to explore complex biological relationships and pathways between genes to discover meaningful biological insights. You can calculate pathway enrichment, detect disrupted or influential pathways, search for specific pathways and genes, and color code genes based on their p-values and fold changes. Partek Pathway integrates inside Partek Flow or Partek Genomics Suite software.

Perform Biological Discovery with Partek Pathway

Easy to use interface


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Integrated and interactive KEGG pathway browser


Information rich and
publication ready visualizations

statistical algorithms

Pathway ANOVA for accurate, non-biased results

Peak annotation

Includes a comprehensive list of organisms from the KEGG database

desktop monitor

Launches inside Partek Genomics Suite or Partek Flow


Robust and searchable
online documentation

Scientific Support

Access to local
scientific experts

Ask a question or request a software demonstration/trial

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