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Partek Genomic Software Reaches New Citation High

Studies Include Single Cell Gene Expression, Bulk Gene Expression, Variant Detection, SNV Analysis, Metagenomics, Methylation, and ChIP-Seq data

October 15, 2020–Partek Incorporated announced today that its software has been cited in over eight thousand peer-reviewed articles published in scientific journals, including the prestigious PNAS, Cell, and Nature Medicine journals. Topics throughout their twenty-seven-year history range from drug research, human genetics and disease relationships to causes, diagnosis, and treatments. Samples of scientific papers citing the use of Partek software are listed on the Partek Publications page.

Tom Downey, President of Partek, commented, “Scientists in over forty countries representing the world’s top academic, government, and biotech/pharmaceutical companies use our software year after year to advance our understanding of the cause, diagnosis, and treatment of human diseases. It is a true testament to the power and ease-of-use of our software, and we take great satisfaction in knowing we have contributed to our customers’ success.”

On why Partek software has been so successful, long-term user Dr. Heather Driscoll, Research Assistant Professor: Biology at Norwich University, had this to say: “The support I have received from the Partek team over the years has been outstanding. Technical team members thoroughly answer my questions as I troubleshoot problems in my workflows.” Dr. Driscoll went on to say, “Sales and licensing support always are accommodating and see to it that my analysis needs are being met. As a whole, the Partek team is responsive and extremely helpful for my research.”

For more information on Partek and their bioinformatics software products, visit the Partek Product Page.


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Kathi GoschePartek Genomic Software Reaches New Citation High