The complexities of spatial multiomics unraveled

<strong>The complexities of spatial multiomics unraveled</strong>

The complexities of spatial multiomics unraveled

Join Partek, an Illumina company, to explore recent trends in the field of multiomics and how Partek Flow deepens biological insights.

We will be exploring in situ gene and protein expression in tonsil tissues to gather meaningful/applicable results:

  • Learn about how combining RNA and protein data provides a more complete picture of complex biology
  • Statistically assess relationships using correlation between the gene and protein molecules
  • Further explore differences between cell types using differential analysis comparisons and biological interpretation

Attendance at this presentation will provide participants with insights into spatial multiomics analysis and practical applications for their research studies using Partek Flow.





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Kathi GoscheThe complexities of spatial multiomics unraveled