How to Detect Copy Number Variations in Next Generation Sequencing Data and Integrate with Gene Expression Data Using Partek Software

Copy number variations (CNV) are a common form of structural variation, accounting for approximately 10% of human genomic DNA. Although CNVs receive less attention than do single nucleotide variations (SNVs), they are a risk or a protective factor for various diseases and account for differences between individuals. A possible consequence of CNVs is an increase or decrease of expression levels of affected genes, a phenomenon that can be studied by combining DNA-Seq with RNA-Seq data. In this video we will teach you how to detect copy number variations in your NGS data and how to integrate it into your gene expression study.
Learn how to
Analyzing whole genome sequencing data
Detecting amplifications and deletions
Interpreting the results through pathway analysis
Integrating copy number with gene expression data

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