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At Partek, our goal is to produce user-friendly genomic analysis software and make powerful statistical tools to empower scientists and enable them to reach scientific breakthroughs.

Through a sound understanding of statistics, software development, genetics, and molecular biology, as well as close collaborations with technology providers and researchers worldwide, we’ve been successfully meeting this goal for over twenty years. It is the success of our customers who study human genetics and disease relationships and have made important drug discoveries, diagnoses, and disease treatments that feed our passion.

We are committed to continually evolve with new products and technologies to meet the ongoing needs of the scientific community and further the field of genetic study.


North America

Partek Incorporated
624 Trade Center Blvd.
St. Louis, Missouri 63005
Phone: +1.314.878.2329
Fax: +1.314.275.8453


Partek SG Pte. Ltd.
31 Rochester Dr., Level 24
Singapore 138637
Phone: +65 6808 8706
Fax: +65 64915064

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