Partek Flow Basic Components

Full Webinar

This webinar is part of the four-part series RNA-Seq & scRNA-Seq Bioinformatics

Webinar Breakdown

For your convenience, we have broken down this webinar into bite-size portions.

What is Partek Flow
Time: 4.5 minutes

Data Transfer and Import
Time: 9.5 minutes

Sample Attributes
Time: 6.5 minutes

Importing FASTQ, cell, or bam Files
Time: 8 minutes

Importing bcl Files
Time: 4.5 minutes

Importing Multiple FASTQ Files Stored in Different Folders
Time: 2 minutes

Importing Count Matrices
Time: 12.5 minutes

Importing Single Cell h5 Files
Time: 6.5 minutes

Importing Seurat Objects
Time: 4 minutes

Importing GEO Data
Time: 9.5 minutes

Seurat Object Data Nodes
Time: .5 minutes

Sample Attribute Management
Time: 6.5 minutes

Library File Management
Time: 7 minutes

List Management
Time: 1.5 minutes

Project Management
Time: 16.5 minutes

Kathi GoschePartek Flow Basic Components