How to Integrate microRNA-Seq and Gene Expression Data

MicroRNAs are small noncoding RNAs that interact with messenger RNAs and modulate gene expression. In this complimentary webinar, we will show you how Partek software can analyze microRNA-Seq data to find differentially expressed microRNAs and integrate the results with differentially-expressed messenger RNAs quantified in the same tissues. This will give an overall picture of how microRNAs drive widespread changes in cellular function.
Learn how to
Import raw fastq data and filter high-quality reads
Align reads against reference genome
Perform quantification against both precursor and mature microRNA transcript annotation databases
Identify differentially expressed microRNAs using the Partek Gene Specific Analysis algorithm
Integrate microRNAs with their predicted messenger RNA targets from a list of differentially-expressed genes
​Identify biologically significant pathways from the predicted targets

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