t-SNE plots let you classify known cell types and easily identify novel subtypes

What is Single Cell Analysis?

Single cell sequencing is the newest and most exciting advancement in genomic data analysis. While traditionally, NGS has been used to analyze gene expression of thousands of cells in bulk, single cell analyzes cells individually. Cell-type-specific differences obscured in bulk analysis are revealed by single cell analysis. This opens new possibilities that scientists have just begun to explore.

Why Partek Flow?

Partek® Flow® has powerful and easy-to-use tools to make data manageable and simplify single cell analysis. Our visual tools empower researchers to analyze their own data without the need for advanced bioinformatic skills. Simply point and click. 

Working with Partek Flow is easy:

  • Visual user interface
  • Powerful statistics
  • Interactive visualizations
  • Accessible from any internet browser
Interactive QA/QC plots filter high-quality cells for downstream analysisUse the interactive 3D t-SNE plot with the lasso tool to identify cell types using known markers

Powerful Statistics and Intuitive Interface

The Partek Flow Single Cell Toolkit combines the powerful statistics you trust with the most intuitive and interactive interface on the market. No command line experience needed. All single cell RNA-Seq platforms are supported, including 10X Genomics, Fluidigm, Bio-Rad, Drop-Seq, and more.

With Partek Flow software, you can:

  • Import quantification matrix from any technology
  • Perform cell quality QA/QC with interactive plots
  • Normalize and filter data to focus on informative genes
  • Classify cells using an interactive 2D or 3D t-SNE plot
  • Visualize single cell gene and pathway expression
  • Identify differentially expressed genes by cell type
  • Identify differentially expressed genes within cell types between samples
  • Perform biological interpretation with GO and pathway enrichment

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