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Partek® Genomics Suite® is the software scientists worldwide have come to trust for their genomic data analysis and visualization needs. It’s fast, agile, and memory efficient, allowing you to analyze large data sets right from your desktop. With its user-friendly interface, comprehensive workflows, and ability to support all next generation sequencing, microarray, and qPCR platforms, Partek Genomics Suite gives biologists, bioinformaticists, and statisticians a single, integrated solution for trustworthy results. Get your free trial today and see what Partek Genomics Suite can do for you.


Guided Analysis Workflows

Partek Genomics Suite software offers an intuitive user interface and built-in workflows for a variety of genomic applications that guide researchers though every step of the analysis process.

Workflows include:


  • Gene expression
  • miRNA expression
  • Exon expression
  • Copy number
  • Allele specific copy number
  • Loss of Heterozygosity (LOH)
  • Association
  • Trio
  • ChIP-chip

Next Generation Sequencing

  • RNA-Seq
  • miRNA-Seq
  • ChIP-Seq
  • DNA-Seq
  • Methylation

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Visualizations Backed by Deep Statistics
Visualizations Backed by Deep Statistics

Partek Genomics Suite software is built on a superior foundation of statistics, which are used to power information rich, and interactive visualizations, allowing researchers to easily interpret the biological meaning of their genomic data.

Examples Include:

  • Three-dimensional PCA plots to visualize data distribution and outliers
  • Hierarchical clustering to classify vast numbers of genes into revealing patterns
  • Profile trellis to identify groups of differentially expressed genes
  • Venn diagrams to identify common and unique sample characteristics
  • Motif discovery to determine binding-site motifs of sequences
  • Gene Ontology Enrichment to determine gene grouping based on their molecular functions
  • Chromosome viewer to visualize how samples map to the reference genome with customizable tracks for SNP detection, differential expression, peak detection, gene annotation, and methylation regions, all integrated into a single study


Integrate All Your Data Into a Single Study

With the rapid changes in technology used in the genomics field, researchers often have data from multiple platforms making biological conclusions difficult. Partek Genomics Suite makes it simple to integrate data from multiple platforms, vendors, and assay types into one study.

Integrate All Your Data Into a Single Study

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