Partek Flow with New Genomic File System
Tuesday, November 21, 2017 - 18:22

Partek® Flow® software is now equipped with a new, proprietary Genomic File System. It intelligently reduces redundant data allowing you to reduce disk usage and process data faster, without the loss of information.

Consider for example, running a task that trims bases from reads using a phred quality score threshold. We ran a publicly available dataset from the Sequence Read Archive (SRR592573-81) using a popular open source tool Trimmomatic (Bolger et al. 2014) and compared the size of the output with that from running the equivalent task in Partek Flow.

Figure 1. Comparison of output disk usage between Partek Flow and Trimmomatic

In this example, Flow dramatically reduced the amount of disk needed to store the output file by 97.7%. The file is compatible with all downstream tasks within Flow, including all supported aligners.

This is one of many examples of Partek Flow with Genomic File System is helping you save valuable resources.


Bolger, A. M., Lohse, M., & Usadel, B. (2014). Trimmomatic: A flexible trimmer for Illumina Sequence Data. Bioinformatics, 30(15):2114-20