St. Louis, Missouri – August 12, 2008 – The University of Glasgow has purchased Partek® Genomics SuiteTM (Partek GS) software Partek Incorporated announced today.

Researchers within the Glasgow Cardiovascular Research Centre are using Partek GS to analyze gene expression data from studies in hypertension and stroke. The University was founded in 1451.

Partek GS can analyze expression, digital gene expression, ChIP-seq/ChIP-chip, exon/alternative splicing, SNP genotyping, and next generation sequencing data. In addition, data can be seamlessly imported from a variety of file formats.

Partek Incorporated is a leading provider of statistical analysis and interactive data visualization software for the scientific research community. Partek software enables researchers to quickly identify and quantify patterns in data, including data resulting from genomic and proteomic studies, high-throughput screening campaigns, and computer aided drug design.

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