Introducing Partek Genomics Suite version 7.0
Wednesday, September 27, 2017 - 15:36
Partek® Genomics Suite® is the software scientists worldwide trust for their genomic data analysis and visualization needs. For version 7.0, we focused on updating Partek Genomics Suite to be modern, fast, and smart for quicker and easier data analysis. 

In version 7.0, we updated the user interface to be more intuitive for new users and efficient for advanced users. Icons in the main command bar and visualization controls have been modernized (see the new command bar icons below). 

PGS7 icons

The most noticeable change to the user interface in version 7.0 is that visualizations are now organized as tabs instead of as separate windows. The change from windows to tabs was made to streamline managing multiple visualizations and speed navigation. Because viewing visualizations side-by-side can be useful during analysis, visualization tabs can be undocked to a separate window as needed and then redocked. Keeping track of your progress is also easier with tabs as the workflow is available alongside visualizations (see an example visualization tab below).  

PGS7 Hierarchical Clustering

Throughout Partek Genomics Suite version 7.0, menus and dialogs have been polished and simplified to make routine analyses faster while keeping advanced options easily accessible. Our updated workflows with relabeled and reordered analysis steps provide step-by-step guides for analyzing 14 common genomics experiments. 

To help you to create more beautiful figures for publication and presentation, we improved the graphics in our interactive visualizations and updated to a new modern color palette. 

In addition to user interface and graphics improvements, Partek Genomics Suite version 7.0 includes under-the-hood optimizations and new/improved features.

Modern computers have multi-core processors that can handle multiple operations simultaneously. To take advantage of modern hardware, Partek Genomics Suite has been rewritten in version 7.0 to use multi-threaded processing for faster performance. Clustering and ANOVA with >3 factors show particularly noticeable improvements. 

For version 7.0, we improved support for Illumina EPIC (450K/850K) arrays. New options for normalization, functional normalization and NOOB background correction, have been added and existing options, Illumina normalization and SWAN normalization, have been improved to work with the latest Illumina arrays. 

Because we know not every experiment goes exactly as planned and not every data set is optimally designed, we updated the mixed-model ANOVA in version 7.0 to use the REML method by default to better handle unbalanced experiments. 

Automatic file management in version 7.0 is compatible with modern web features like HTTPS sites and redirects, allowing you to automatically download annotation files for Affymetrix arrays and import data sets from the Gene Expression Omnibus (GEO). 

The text file import process in version 7.0 has been reworked so you can more easily import and analyze text files. Imported gene symbol lists can also access additional analysis options, like GO and Pathway Enrichment. 

To help you learn how to use Partek Genomics Suite, our documentation has been updated for the version 7.0 release. Tutorials and User Guides are available in a searchable online knowledge base that is accessible from Partek software or through any web browser. The most popular tutorials have been rewritten for version 7.0 and provide step-by-step instructions with example data sets. You can find the documentation link inside your instance of Partek Genomics Suite 7.0.

How to get Partek Genomics Suite version 7.0 

Download Partek Genomics Suite version 7.0  

For existing Partek Genomics Suite 6.6 users, if you received a new license file from Partek within the past month, you can run version 7.0 using your existing license. If you have not received a new license in the past month, contact Partek licensing support ( to receive a version 7.0 license file. 

For New users, request a free trial of Partek Genomics Suite version 7.0.