Cytosine methylation is a process by which a methyl group is added to cytosine, typically at CpG sites. It is a key epigenetic mechanism involved in the regulation of gene expression and drives numerous biological processes such as development, aging, carcinogenesis, and genomic imprinting. Starting with raw data from the Infinium® MethylationEPIC or Infinium® Human Methylation 450K BeadChip array, you can use Partek tools to perform every analysis step from differential methylation, to biological interpretation.


Methylation patterns between groups.


Differentially methylated CpG sites.


Pathways regulated by methylation.



Differential Analysis

Biological Interpretation

Methylation QA/QC

You cannot expect to obtain valid results if your data is not technically sound. Since there are many metrics that could potentially be considered, performing QC of methylation data is not always straightforward. Partek tools allow you to choose between key and easy-to-interpret QC output. You can also interrogate your data at a granular level for an in-depth report.

Histogram visualization

Integrate Methylation Data with Gene Expression

A common motivation to study methylation analysis is to learn about the association between methylation levels and gene expression. Using Partek tools you can perform analysis of each of those data sets independently, as well as integrate the results and detect genes that show evidence of both differential methylation and differential expression.

methylation and gene expression integration