CNV Analysis

Copy number variation (CNV) is a type of structural variation and it encompasses duplication or deletion events that affect a considerable section of the genome. Those events may be mirrored by changes in gene expression levels and are consequently involved in pathogenesis. Partek tools enable you to start with raw data, detect amplified or deleted regions, and interpret or integrate the data with other assays such as gene expression.


Summarize copy number changes by karyogram view.


Explore copy number patterns by principal components plot.


Visualize amplified or deleted regions.

Detect amplifications or deletions

View Detected Regions

Find Overlapping Genes

Biological Interpretation

Pathways Affected by Copy Number Alterations

One of the major aims of copy number analysis is to find the genes that are located within amplified or deleted regions. Obtaining a list of the genes is the first step and the next is to interpret the list by identifying overrepresented gene groups such as pathways or gene ontology categories.

Computer show Pathway Analysis

Integrating Copy Number and Gene Expression Analysis

Since copy number alterations can alter gene expression, an intriguing possibility is to combine the results of the two assays and look for evidence that gene deletions are mirrored by diminished gene expression levels. Partek tools enable you to integrate the two sets, use advanced statistics to substantiate your findings, and depict the results.

Copy number and gene integration scatter plot
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