Institute Curie - PSL Research University Paris
How to Analyze NGS & Microarray Data with Partek Software
Join us for a complimentary data analysis workshop to learn how to get started with microarray and next generation sequencing (NGS) analysis using Partek software. You will learn data analysis best practices and how to overcome common analysis challenges. Bring your own laptop computer to participate.

October 24, 2017 | 9:30 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.
Introduction to gene expression analysis
Experimental design
Gene expression exercise with Partek® Genomics Suite® and Partek® Pathway™
  • Import, normalization and quality control
  • Exploratory data analysis - Principle Components Analysis
  • Differential gene expression with Partek’s powerful ANOVA implementation
  • Creating lists of significant differentially expression genes
  • Hierarchical Clustering and other data visualizations
  • Discovering enriched functional groups using Gene Ontology
  • Pathway analysis
Optional Self Study - in presence of Partek trainer with your own data
Next Generation Sequencing
October 25, 2017 | 9:30 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.
Overview of Partek software for NGS analysis
Common tasks in RNA-Seq analysis
RNA-Seq exercise with Partek® Flow®
  • Data import and annotation
  • QA/QC for NGS data
  • Alignment and trimming
  • Quantification
  • Exploratory data analysis - Principle Components Analysis
  • Differential expression analysis, Introduction to Gene Specific Analysis
  • Visualizations of RNA-Seq data: Dot Plots, Chromosome Viewer and Hierarchical Clustering
  • Biological Interpretation with Gene Ontology Analysis
  • Save and Automate your analysis pipeline
  • Demo on Integrating of RNA-seq and Microarray Data
DNA-Seq Exercise with Partek Flow
  • Alignment
  • Variant calling
  • Variant filtering and prioritization of variants
  • Visualizing variants